10 Food you should not put in fridge

1. Coffee Coffee should never be stored in fridge, as it will absorb any smell that’s in your fridge. And..it’ll taste odd!coffee 2.Banana Banana hates cold. The cold will turn their skin brownbanana 3.Bread The fridge will dry it out fast. bread 4.Onions It will turn soft and moldy if you put onions in fridge. Plus, keep your onions separate from your potatoes, when stored together, both deteriorate faster. onions 5.Garlics Garlic will start sprout in fridge, and gets rubbery and mold easily. garlic 6.Potatoes Keeping a potato in cold temperature will actually turns its starch to sugar more quickly. So, store them in the pantry in paper bags would be just fine. potatoes 7.Honey Put honey in fridge will increase the speed of sugar crystallization, and making it hard to scoop out later on. honey 8.Tomatoes Tomatoes will lose flavor the fridge as because the cold air stops the ripening process.  tomato 9.Basil Fresh herbs will wilts and absorb odors in your fridge. basil 10.Soy Sauce All the salt in soy sauce is enough to make it last. soy sauce

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