12 Creative Ways To Recycle Old Plastic Bottles

12 Creative Ways To Recycle Old Plastic Bottles

Though we trying to reduce as far as possible in buying bottles drink, we still end up with some bottles once in a while. There are plenty ways to reuse plastic bottles and here are some examples:

1.DIY Plastic Seat.
Recycle Bottle 1

2.DIY Plastic Flower Bottle.
Recycle Bottle 2

3.DIY Plastic Bottle Zipper Purse.
Recycle Bottle 3

4.Jewelry stand.
Recycle Bottle 4

5.Plastic bottle transform into a basket.
Recycle Bottle 5

6.Make a broom.
Recycle Bottle 6

7.Cosmetics holder.
Recycle Bottle 7

8.Newspaper and magazine stand.
Recycle Bottle 8

9.DIY Rocket Power Jet-pack.
Recycle Bottle 9

10.Utensils holder.
Recycle Bottle 10

11.Tight the bag using a plastic bottle cap.
Recycle Bottle 11

12.DIY Plastic Bottle Gift wrapping.
Recycle Bottle 12

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