19 Unexpected ways to use Vaseline

Vaseline_021.Protect skin from hair dye. Put Vaseline around your hairline and neck to protect skin from the chemicals. 2.Scrub. Mix sugar with Vaseline to create a lip scrub or add sea salt to Vaseline to make body scrub. 3.Moisturise skin. Soften dry or cracked skin suffering from lack of moisture. 4.Smoothen hair. Apply a tiny amount of Vaseline to ‘fix’ spilt ends. 5.To make your legs glow. 6.Soothe dry skin after shaving. 7.Prevent lips from being chapped. 8.To soothe dry cuticles. Use a pea-size amount of Vaseline for all ten fingers. 9.Make eyelashes grow. Put a little Vaseline on your lashes at night and observe the result. 10.Maintain your perfume scent longer. Rub a little Vaseline on your wrist and neck, it’ll help your perfume stick around. 11.Make plucking your eyebrows easier. By rubbing a little on the area to soften your skin. 12.Shine leather. Dab a little bit of Vaseline to polish shoes or bags. 13.Prevent tools or machinery from rusting. 14.Turn your eye shadow or blush in to creams. 15.Use Vaseline with cotton bud to fix stuck zippers. 16.As an eye makeup remover if you run out of regular product. 17.Soothe and heal itchy or irritated skin, e.g.: light burns 18.Apply a little Vaseline to your earlobes for slide in earrings easily. 19.Generously apply Vaseline to your feet before bed, and wear socks to allow your feet to drink up the moisture.

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