• <font color="#333399"><b>BCCK:</b> SHOP & WIN WIN WIN!</font>


    It’s so AMAZING, we need to REPEAT IT TRICE!  These 4 days are probably one of the BEST DAYS to shop for your home! HOMElove wants you to enjoy every shopping moment in BCCK, Kuching with these amazing giveaways and rewarding programs!   EXCITING PROGRAMS FOR ALL!  To intensify your shopping experience, HOMElove also prepares the

  • <font color="#333399"><b> BCCK:</b> Share Your Love to Society with Blood Donation</font>

    BCCK: Share Your Love to Society with Blood Donation0

    A single pint can save up to three lives. A single gesture can create a million smiles. Despite the increase in the number of blood donors in Malaysia statistics recently showed that only 2.5% of Malaysians were blood donors, well below the international average of five percent. We all know giving blood provides an essential lifeline to those

  • <font color="#333399"><b>BCCK:</b> ON-THE-SPOT Redemption</font>

    BCCK: ON-THE-SPOT Redemption0

    Reward your purchases ON THE SPOT!   Spend a minimum of RM1,000 at HOMElove and be rewarded with even more prizes! You will be able to redeem from a choice of great branded products! The higher your purchase, the higher the value of your gift! Visit us at BCCK, Kuching from 2 – 5 Nov 2017

  • <font color="#333399"><b>BCCK: </b>Purchase & WIN Cash Vouchers!</font>

    BCCK: Purchase & WIN Cash Vouchers!0

    RM50,000 worth of Cash Vouchers up for grabs! Shopping at HOMElove is an immensely rewarding experience. Spend a minimum of RM1000 and be entitled to participate in a lucky draw and stand a chance to win even more cash vouchers. Visit us at BCCK, Kuching from 2 – 5 Nov 2017 (10am – 9pm) SEE YOU THERE! For

  • <font color="#333399"><b>BCCK:</b> Kids Colouring Contest</font>

    BCCK: Kids Colouring Contest1

    Let your kids unleash their creative flair in HOMElove’s colouring contest. They will have loads of fun and stand a chance to win fabulous prizes too! Date: 4 November 2017 (Sat) Time: 2pm – 4pm Venue: Meeting Room 5, BCCK Your Contact Registration is NOW OPEN until 29 Oct 2017! Visit us at BCCK, Kuching from 2 – 5 Nov 2017 (10am – 9pm)

  • <font color="#333399"><b>BCCK:</b> Register & WIN Awesome Prizes!</font>

    BCCK: Register & WIN Awesome Prizes!0

    Simply being at HOMElove is cause for rewards! Just by being there and registering your visit at our registration counter, you’ll stand a chance to win one of the amazing appliances and gadgets from HOMElove! NO PURCHASE NECESSARY! Visit us at BCCK, Kuching from 2 – 5 Nov 2017 (10am – 9pm) SEE YOU THERE! For more information, connect with