• <strong><font color="#333399">SPICE Arena:</strong>The WOW 3 Days!</font>

    SPICE Arena:The WOW 3 Days!1

    Exclusive Friday Happy Hour! Look out for amazing products selling for as low as RM9 during Happy Hours on this day! Appreciation Saturday Cash Vouchers Its Parents’ Day! Bring your parents to HOMelove exhibition to spend & give them a great big hug! Log into HOMElove FB, Like & Share the post. Stand a chance

  • <strong><font color="#333399">PWTC:</strong> Meet Inspirational Chefs</font>

    PWTC: Meet Inspirational Chefs0

  • <strong><font color="#333399">PWTC:</strong> Meet Up With Master Kenny Hoo</font>

    PWTC: Meet Up With Master Kenny Hoo0

    Kenny Hoo is the Founder & Chief Researcher of GOOD FENG SHUI® Geomantic Research, a research-based company that actively involves in providing professional Feng Shui (Geomantic science) research, authoring,seminars and consultation services for domestic home, business, factory, hotels & resorts, township, property development & ancestral graveyard. Kenny graduated from National University of Malaysia with a Bachelor Degree