• 10 White Kitchen Interior That Makes You Feel Good!

    10 White Kitchen Interior That Makes You Feel Good!2

    Have you ever considered having a simple white kitchen? White kitchen looks so attractive and has became an obsessions for so many people. We not sure are you one of them but definitely I am~(admin here). Check this kitchen collections! If you feel this is an good post, please do share it around…

  • Why Do We Need Water Filter At Home?

    Why Do We Need Water Filter At Home?0

    Tap water can contain dirt ,chemicals or bacteria we couldn’t see. It can endanger our health and cause serious illness due to ‘unclean’ water. Filtration helps purify water and making it safe to drink, as well as improving taste of the dishes or beverage you make. Here are the 10 reasons why we need a water filter at home: 1. It helps to remove microbes, pesticides and other byproducts of the disinfection process. 2. It provides better taste and better smelling drinking water. 3. It can prevent harmful substances from entering the body.

  • 10 Food you should not put in fridge

    10 Food you should not put in fridge0

    1. Coffee Coffee should never be stored in fridge, as it will absorb any smell that’s in your fridge. And..it’ll taste odd! 2.Banana Banana hates cold. The cold will turn their skin brown 3.Bread The fridge will dry it out fast. 4.Onions It will turn soft and moldy if you put onions in fridge. Plus,

  • 19 Unexpected ways to use Vaseline

    19 Unexpected ways to use Vaseline0

    1.Protect skin from hair dye. Put Vaseline around your hairline and neck to protect skin from the chemicals. 2.Scrub. Mix sugar with Vaseline to create a lip scrub or add sea salt to Vaseline to make body scrub. 3.Moisturise skin. Soften dry or cracked skin suffering from lack of moisture. 4.Smoothen hair. Apply a tiny