Why Do We Need Water Filter At Home?

Tap water can contain dirt ,chemicals or bacteria we couldn’t see. It can endanger our health and cause serious illness due to ‘unclean’ water. Filtration helps purify water and making it safe to drink, as well as improving taste of the dishes or beverage you make. Here are the 10 reasons why we need a water filter at home: 1. It helps to remove microbes, pesticides and other byproducts of the disinfection process. 2. It provides better taste and better smelling drinking water. 3. It can prevent harmful substances from entering the body. 4. Lead in tap water is especially harmful to the developing brains of fetuses and young children. (Find out more at: who.int) 5. Drinking tap water without filtration may increase your risk of cancer. (Find out more at canceractive.com) 6. It is important for pregnant women to drink pure water as if there are lead contain in tap water without filtration may cause severe birth defects. 7. Clean and healthy drinking water is essential to a child’s physical and mental development. 8. If you install whole house water filter, the chemical and chlorine can be removed in clothing while clothes washing. 9. Tap water without go through filter process may affect people with asthma and allergies. 10. The water pipes in many buildings may not be so clean as you think. *This article is for information purposes only. the source reference are as below: cancer.orgfreedrinkingwater.comnrdc.org

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