Our mission at HOMElove is to be the best home expo organizer in Malaysia and will strive to continue to bring homeowners and the best home improvement suppliers together. In addition, HOMElove’s primary mission is to curate a wide range of products and services and bring satisfaction to everyone by creating a comfortable and safe environment for all stakeholders at our home expo. We promise to deliver home expos that are exciting, focusing on value-added products and services that are genuine, offered by the best and most trusted names in Malaysia. In addition, HOMElove seeks out high quality products with the best value in Malaysia for Malaysians.

A fully homegrown Malaysia brand, we at HOMElove are proud that our mission also carries through into the digital age. We have been leveraging on the best in technology to develop our products and services via digital platforms that are easily accessible and convenient. With the digital push, HOMElove is able to bring the best home expos across Malaysia every day. This is especially crucial for discerning individuals who wants to access the best deals, promotions and important information of ongoing or future HOMElove events. HOMElove’s foray into going digital is also important to bring more tailored information according to users’ preference. With our digital initiatives, anyone can follow us to find out more about our partners and home expo exhibitors. Our digital platforms are also the best way to connect with us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With a synergy comprising both our physical home expo events and our continued presence via our digital platforms, HOMElove is able to cater and reach beyond all segments of society in Malaysia. We will continue to leverage on creativity and innovation to explore new ideas and bring the best in home and living to Malaysia.


HOMElove’s vision is to further its commitment to be the best home expo organizer in Malaysia. We aspire to increase our presence in Malaysia by holding events in other parts of the country that have never experienced the HOMElove brand. Also in the pipelines of our vision is to further develop our digital presence to reach out to more Malaysians as they seek out the best products and services for their homes at their fingertips. At HOMElove, we truly believe in bridging the gap between homeowners and products or vendors that holistically improve the home and lifestyle experience. Through these offerings, we hope to contribute to other sectors involved in the exhibition industry that would indirectly benefit from our events.

It is also our vision to develop an all-inclusive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) road map to best help local communities that are marginalized such as the elderly, disabled, single parents, impoverished communities and disenchanted youths. We believe everyone including the less fortunate deserves a chance to live a meaningful and fulfilling life.

HOMElove’s CSR program aims to build channels to help these groups through a multitude of charitable avenues. Our CSR will also include the environment. HOMElove believes that the environment should be protected at all cost with best practices. As we progress and prosper, we must help sustain the natural world. In this mission, HOMElove aims to attract more exhibitors whose products or services are manufactured or sourced ethically. We hope that the future of our home expo events would see more participation from green companies that have the best sustainable models.

Finally, as HOMElove continues to gain a bigger foothold in Malaysia’s home expo scene, we wish to expand our best visions to other countries beginning with South East Asia and perhaps to other parts of the world.